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Digital Twin of Powerline Network

This detailed Mobile Lidar Mapping process captures the intricate details of powerline structures, vegetation encroachment, and terrain variations with unparalleled accuracy. The result is a comprehensive dataset that provides crucial insights into the condition of powerline assets and their surroundings 


Powerline Structures

Detailed 3D mapping of transmission towers, poles, conductors, insulators, and other components of the powerline structure

Terrain and Topography

Accurate mapping of the terrain and topographical variations along the powerline corridor to understand ground conditions and potential challenges.

Vegetation Encroachment

Identification and mapping of vegetation in close proximity to powerlines to assess the risk of interference and plan vegetation management strategies

Clearances and Separations

Measurement and mapping of clearances between powerline components, structures, and nearby obstacles to ensure compliance with safety standards

Other Utility Infrastructure

•Identification and mapping of other utility infrastructure such as substations, transformers, and communication lines within the powerline network.

Environmental Features

Mapping of environmental features like water bodies, roads, and other landmarks that may impact the powerline network.

GIS Integration

Integration with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for spatial analysis and mapping, enabling better decision-making and planning.

Unlock the future of Smart Cities with Digital Twins, engineered with precision from advanced
Mobile LiDAR Mapping.

Proactive Maintenance

Operational Efficiency

Network Inventory

​3DY our in-house developed application tailored for LiDAR point cloud integration and asset capturing from MLS data and Street Level Imagery.

  • Customizable to meet the unique asset extraction specifications of different projects.

  • Leverages user-friendly tools for improved visualization and capturing efficiency.

  • Significantly reduces mapping time and effort by 40% compared to conventional software.

  • Specialized in GIS data visualization, capturing, and mapping to address specific project requirements.

Related Projects

Assets are captured using SISL's proprietary MLSMapping software . Each asset has a list of attributes associated, the country specific asset codes, condition of the asset, or any information that can extracted from the Point cloud and geo-refrenced videos

Digital twin of Powerline Networks
20,000+Kms annually digitized for Overhead Powerline network from Mobile Surveys. 
Yearly Road Conditioning and Asset Capturing

Highway Assets/ Features extraction from more than 60,000 KM of road network

Mobile Mapping on geo-ref. videos
Yearly Road Conditioning and Asset Capturing
Railway Corridor LiDAR Classification

Classification and vectorization of rail tracks and overhanging wires

Railway Classification & mapping
Railway Corridor LiDAR Classification
3D Topographic Map on MLS data with our in-house developed application 3dy

The project area of 1200 linear kms, to be completed within 4 months. A team of 30 Mobile Mapping experts working round the clock to ensure delivery of accurate, uniform and complete data. Project estimated more than 25,000 man hours.

MLS Mapping
3D Topographic Map on MLS data with our in-house developed application 3dy
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