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Mobile Mapping
Transforming data into 
 actionable intelligence

Unlock the full Value

of your LiDAR Data

Your Data+3DY+our team of experts= 40% project cost reductions.


Turn Around time as low as 48 hours

Mobile Mapping
Lidar Mapping

Human In the Loop for 100% validated results

40% Project Cost reductions

 3DY, our in-house developed application for LiDAR point cloud integration and AI-Driven asset capturing from MLS data and street-level imagery.

  • Precision at Pace:

3DY creates highly detailed, voluminous, and accurate 3D maps faster than ever before.

  • Cost Efficiency:

Save up to 40% on project costs with 3DY's advanced 3D visualization and intuitive features,  compared to traditional software.

  • Customized Productivity:

Tools are customized for specific geometrical needs of your project's assets.

  • Enhanced Data Visualization:

Custom vector data visualization.


Digital Twin of Distribution Network

DALL·E 2024-01-14 16.33.18 - A detailed network map of a single wire infrastructure in a s

Digital Twin of Fiber Optic Network

AI Driven Asset Invnetories


City Modelling

Learn More
Mobile mapping distribution network and 3d topograpgic models
Mobile mapping Fiber optic network and assets inventories
road watch AI and Asset modeling

How it Works


1.Unclassified Data is uploaded to SISL Cloud


2.Data is processed with our AI-Driven Engine 3DY with our team  Experts


3.Digital twins of the Network are developed


4.Analyze and visualize the results on our online assessment portal

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