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AI-Powered Asset Inventories from your Mobile Data

City Asset Inventories from more than 60,000 KM of road network.

Geospatial Innovation with SISL'sAI-Driven Asset Extraction

Fueled by our Proprietary 3DY Software. Elevate Project Integrity through our Human-in-the-Loop Verification and safeguarding Accuracy. AI Guides the Extraction Process, Ensuring Consistency and Precision. Trust SISL for Data-Driven Insights, Backed by Advanced Technology for Unparalleled Results in Mobile Mapping and Asset Management

Skills and Experience

As Experts in Mobile Mapping, we’re used to working with all types of customers - local or global, large or small.
SISL's Mobile Mapping department has been supporting its partners to cater to the following services:


  • Highway 3D Assets Capturing 3000+ km every year Highway Road asset inventory for cities of Germany and the UK

  • Accurate assessment of road or highway conditions 4000+ km of Road condition assessment for damage analysis for German and French cities

  • 3D topographic city models 20,000+ km of Assets mapping from (MLS) Mobile Laser Scanning point cloud.

  • Road and Road marking mapping San Francisco entire city road asset HD MLS mapping for US-based autonomous Vehicle Company



Turn Around time as low as 48 hours

40% Project Cost reductions

Human In the Loop for 100% validated results

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Yearly Road Conditioning and Asset Capturing

Highway, cities Assets/Features extraction from more than 60,000 KM of road network.

Yearly Road Conditioning and Asset Capturing
Mobile Mapping on geo-ref. videos
3D Topographic Map on MLS data with our in-house developed application 3dy

The project area of 1200 linear kms, to be completed within 4 months. A team of 30 Mobile Mapping experts working round the clock to ensure delivery of accurate, uniform and complete data. Project estimated more than 25,000 man hours.

3D Topographic Map on MLS data 
MLS Mapping
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