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Yearly Road/highway assets extraction from geo-ref videos
Yearly Road/highway assets extraction from geo-ref videos

Every Year SISL is capturing Highway Road Infrastructure features from more than 10,000 kms of UK and Germany. A team of 85 analysts is specifically trained to work on these projects year-round.

The assets are captured using client proprietary software online from geo-referenced videos. Each asset has a list of attributes associated, it can be dimensions, the country specific asset codes, the condition of the asset or any other information that can successfully extracted from the videos.


List of features extracted below-

  • Carriageway, Foot way, Verge, Central Island, Central Reserve.

  •  Road Hump, Chicane, Color Surface, Anti skid, Road studs. 3.

  •  Longitudinal, Hatched, and Transverse Road Markings.

  •  Road Sign, Street Name Plate, Notice Board.

  •  Safety Fence, Pedestrian Guardrail, Boundary Fence, Retaining Wall.

  •  Kerb, Channel Drainage, Gully, Manhole, Catch pit.

  •  Grit Bin, Litter Bin, Bin Storage, Fire Hydrant, Communication Cabinet.

  •  Under Bridge, Over Bridge, Roundabout, Overhead Gantry.

  •  Lay by, Car Parking, Bus Lane, Cycle Lane.

  •  Bus Stop, Traffic Cameras, Traffic Signal, Detector Loop.

  •  Lighting Point, Post, Zebra Beacon, Safety Bollard.

  •  Emergency Telephone Box, Marker Post.

  •  Tree, Hedge, Vegetation, Embankments and Cuttings.

  •  Cycle Stand, Bike Pump, Parking Meter, Electric Vehicle Charge Point.

  •  Vehicle Barrier and Gate, Crossover.

  •  Bench, Tree Grills, Play Area, Street Furniture.

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