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Mapping the future with
AI-Powered Precision

Unlock the Globe

AI-Enhanced Mobile Mapping

Your Data+3DY+our team of experts= 40% project cost reductions.

Topography and Asset Extraction

Seamlessly Work with LiDAR, 360 Images,and Network Files

  • Advanced Integration: Effortlessly manage LiDAR, Panoramic (Pano), and Network Datasets in one platform.

  • Enhanced Productivity: Streamline your workflow with our tool's ability to handle diverse data types seamlessly.

  • Precision Mapping: Leverage AI-driven capabilities for detailed analysis and interpretation of spatial data.

QGIS Connectivity

  • Seamless Data Sharing: Direct connectivity with QGIS for effortless data import and export between systems.

  • Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: Utilize the combined strengths of 3DY and QGIS for a streamlined mapping process.

  • Open-Source Integration: Tap into the power of QGIS with 3DY for expanded GIS project capabilities.

Data Import and Exports in CAD and GIS Formats

  • Compatibility: Export data in CAD and GIS formats, and ESRI Shapefiles.

  • Flexible Data Handling: Share and utilize your spatial data across different platforms with ease.

Customized Tools for Specific Geometries

  • Tailored Solutions: Access tools specifically designed for the unique needs of different geometric data.

  • Advanced Geometric Analysis: Create, edit, and analyze geometric data with unparalleled precision.

Utility ClassificationPowerline, Railway Corridor, Road Corridor

  • Utility Mapping Precision: Classify and map utilities like powerlines, and railway and road corridors with AI-driven accuracy.

  • Infrastructure Efficiency: Enhance planning and compliance for infrastructure projects with precise utility data.

  • Safety and Regulatory Adherence: Ensure safety and meet regulations through accurate utility identification.

DEM / DTM / DSM / Contour Generation

  • Advanced Terrain Analysis: Generate detailed DEMs, DTMs, DSMs, and contour maps for comprehensive topographic insight.

  • Precise Elevation Mapping: Create accurate contour maps for terrain elevation analysis in various applications.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Employ models for flood risk, urban planning, and more for informed decisions.

Advanced ClassificationAll Visible Features in Lidar

  • Comprehensive Feature Detection: Classify all visible LiDAR features from vegetation to urban structures efficiently.

  • Insightful LiDAR Analysis: Utilize AI for deep analysis of LiDAR data, unlocking valuable environmental and urban insights.

  • Mapping Precision: Improve mapping accuracy with sophisticated differentiation of LiDAR data features.


Railway classifcation.png

3D city Modeling

Street Asset Modeling with 3DY

  • Comprehensive Asset Detection: Instantly identify and model street assets including streetlights, traffic lights, signs, bollards, and more.

  • Urban Infrastructure Insights: Gain precise insights into urban infrastructure for improved city planning and management.

  • Enhanced Public Safety: Map and analyze street assets like poles, benches, and curbs for safer public spaces.

  • Precision in Roadway Analysis: Accurately model road markings, bus stops, and curbs for detailed traffic flow and pedestrian safety studies.

  • Efficient Maintenance Planning: Leverage detailed asset data for streamlined maintenance and upgrade planning.

  • Data-Driven Urban Development: Utilize AI-powered analysis for strategic placement and optimization of street assets.

  • Smart City Integration: Enhance smart city initiatives with detailed models of urban infrastructure elements.

How it Works


1.Unclassified Data is uploaded to SISL Cloud


2.Data is processed with our AI-Driven Engine 3DY with our team  Experts


3.Digital twins of the Network are developed


4.Analyze the results as ESRI SHP, DGN, DWG, DXF or on our online assessment portal

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