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Cadastral Mapping
Cadastral Mapping
Cadastre maps holds the record of areas and values of land and of landholders that provides the basis for subsequent mapping projects to meet the needs of many critical public services like-
  1. Reliable means of precise description(metes and bounds) and identification of particular pieces of land

  2. Records land ownership

  3. tax assessment

  4. action plan maps such as to determine wastewater charges

  5. emergency management

Mapping projects covering millions of Acres of land across various states of US, for our US based partners from different types of legal descriptions like Metes and Bounds,

Govt Land Survey (Township/Range/Sections based),Recorded Plat maps.

3,200,000+ hectares of forest land COGO mapped from legal description documents.

2,000,000+ parcels mapped with APN attribution from Scanned maps

Aerial Survey
Aerial Survey

Using Aerial survey data along with Mobile Georeferenced videos, we map sealed surfaces cadaster, green space cadaster, unsealed cadaster, etc. for local authorities to manage their communal resources. 

* 3500+ km of cadastral mapping of European cities for house tax, wastewater discharge.

* 100,000+ Hectares of Impervious Surface mapping for Canadian and US State/local authorities

Related Projects
Impervious surface mapping of North American region

Impervious surface of a city of North America of 300 sqkms.  A team of 25 analysts worked round the clock to deliver the complete, accurate data.

Impervious surface mapping of North American region
Impervious surface mapping
Building footprints of 9000 sq. kms of North America region

9000 sqkms of area with more than 600,000 buildings, delivered in 3 months with a team of 40 analysts

Building footprints of 9000 sq. kms of North America region
Building footprints
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