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20,000+Kms annually digitized for Overhead Powerline network from Mobile Surveys. 

Our detailed inventory focuses on the powerline network in North America, especially those susceptible to harsh weather conditions and subsequent power outages. The detailed inventory supports authorities in proactively maintaining their networks, significantly boosting operational efficiency.

Traditionally, inspecting each pole structure and its attachments for condition assessment could take months of on-site manual labor. Now, with the advanced Lidar processing, these critical tasks can be efficiently managed right from the office, thanks to our in-depth views and thorough reports of the network.

In partnership with our esteemed surveying collaborators across North America, SISL is revolutionizing infrastructure management. We process over 20,000 kilometers annually, creating state-of-the-art digital twins that encompass multiple critical layers. 

The assets are captured using SISL's proprietary MLS Mapping software . Each asset has a list of attributes associated, it can be dimensions, the country specific asset codes, the condition of the asset, or any other information that can successfully extracted from the Point cloud and geo-refrenced videos.


List of features extracted below-

  • Utility Pole top and bottom

  • Utility Pole diameter

  • Utility Pole Anchors

  • Down guy wire lines

  • Down guy wire attachment points 

  • Conductor attachment points

  • Conductor lines (Primary, Secondary, Neutral)

  • Transformers

  • Fuse

  • Communication cable lines

  • Communication cable attachment points

  • Overhead guy wire attachment points 

  • Overhead guy wire lines

  • Poles that are different than utility poles

  • Vegetation clusters with highest points

  • Individual Trees with top points

  • Distance between the nearest tree and the conductors

  • Road objects related to utility

  • Gas Meter, water valve

  • Curbline (Top and Bottom)

  • Building Sidewalks

  • Building Outline

  • Driveway with material

  • Edge of Road

  • Postboxes, Meters

  • Culverts

  • Traffic signs

  • Traffic Light

  • Street Light

  • Bollards

  • Side of the house meters

  • Water valve

  • Retaining wall

  • Gardens

  • Concrete pads

  • Fenceline

  • Edge of the road (gravel)

  • Ditches(top and bottom)

  • Railroad tracks

  • Waterways

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