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3D City Topographical Maps
with Mobile and
Aerial LiDAR

Navigating Urban LanscapesWith our 3D topographical Maps

SISL specializes in utilizing your LiDAR data to produce highly detailed 3D topographical maps, offering invaluable insights into urban landscapes. With state-of-the-art geospatial technology and a team of skilled professionals, we deliver precise and comprehensive representations of terrains and assets.

Urban Planning: Optimize city development strategies with a detailed understanding of the terrain and infrastructure.

Emergency Response: Enhance emergency preparedness by having accurate asset information readily available for quick response and recovery.
Infrastructure Management: 
Streamline maintenance and upgrade planning with comprehensive asset mapping.

Environmental Monitoring: Monitor changes in vegetation, land cover, and geological features for sustainable urban development.

Topographical Features

Elevation Changes:

Accurate depiction of variations in ground elevation, providing crucial information for urban planning and flood risk assessment.

Visualization of contour lines to represent the shape and slope of the land.

Identification of natural landforms, including hills, valleys, plateaus, and ridges.
Surface Roughness:

Mapping the variations in surface roughness, aiding in infrastructure planning and development.

Urban Features

Buildings and Structures:

Detailed representation of architectural structures within the cityscape.
Vegetation and Land Cover:

Identification and categorization of vegetation types, including trees, shrubs, and green spaces.
Utilities and Infrastructure:

Accurate mapping of utility lines, such as power lines, water pipes, and telecommunication cables.
Transportation Networks:

Thorough mapping of roads, curbs, markings, highways, bridges etc.
Street Furniture:

Urban elements like Streetlights, Traffic signs/Lights, Benches, cycle stands, bollards, Dustbins, etc.
Geological Features:

Representation of natural terrain features, including hills, slopes, retaining walls, 
Water Bodies: 

Mapping of rivers, lakes, ponds, culverts, Ditches, etc.
Land Use Classification:

Categorization of land areas based on their use, such as residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural zones.

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