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3D city Buildings
3D city building
  • Cities in Europe covering more than 400,000 buildings.

  • With a team of 40 analysts working round the clock, the project was delivered within 2 months. A job of more than 16,000-man hours, it was executed successfully ensuring accuracy, uniformity, completeness and timeliness


Project Specifications and workflow  


Input data- Ortho and LAS/DSM.

  • 2D sampling of the buildings were done as the first step and then the polygons were divided based on the angles and changes of heights. Roofs were separated according to its inclines, high accuracy was required for an accurate LOD 2 product. Requiring a DSM.

  • The corners are all in 90 degrees, unless there are circular or diagonal corners.

  • As a final step, Z values from the DSM were inserted into each vertex. Each vertex that is snapped to another vertex on other polygon from the same building will get the same Z as the snapped vertex:

  • The required accuracy is 1 pixel. 

Output data- file will contain the shape file of the building after all the features have been divided and every vertex has its own Z value.

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