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Revolutionizing Road Safety with AI

Analyze road defects and create asset inventories four times faster and at half the cost

Drive around your road network with a Mobile Phone or a GoPro. RoadWatch AI takes care of the rest.

Leveraging advanced computer vision and AI, RoadWatch-AI precisely evaluates the condition of road surfaces. This empowers you to access current information on road assets swiftly, more frequently, and at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional manual surveys.

Automatic Road Condition

AI powered Road Damage Detection​

  • Cracking- Longitudinal, Transverse, Mesh, Wheel Track

  • Kerb Deterioration

  • Potholes

  • Repair Patches, Open Seals

  • Edge deterioration

Road Insptection

Efficient and Cost-Effective Analysis​

  • AI and Computer Vision powered Engine

  • Fast, objective and data-driven decisions analysis.

  • Results hosted on Interactive Online platform

  • Customized views for Condition rating Maps

  • up-to-date road asset information faster, more frequently, and at a fraction of the cost compared to manual surveys

Road Survey

Navigate Your Roads from Your Desk

  • Overview of Road Infrastructure

  • Access real-time data for your entire road network, video footage that you can review at your convenience.

  • Examine street-adjacent assets, verify reports, and assess conditions—all from the comfort of your desk.

Road Condition

AI Asset detection

  • Traffic Signs

  • Traffic lights

  • Street lights

  • Manholes, Gullies

  • Trees and Vegetation


Mount a smartphone or a Gopro camera on your dashboard


Drive around your Road Network


RoadWatch AI will process your footage for damage analysis


Analyze and visualize the results on our online assessment portal

Analyze and visualize the results on our online Data Assessment and Management Portal

Different Basemaps

Layer filters and custom styles 

Data reports and Exports

Analysis Graphs and Charts

Road Condition Score V/s Chainage

Network and Section details

Road Condition Score Maps

Network Video playback

Road Survey
Road Condition
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