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Digital Twin for Telecom and Fiber Network Planning

Combining FTTB/FTTP Fiber optic network deployment with Mobile LiDAR Mapping enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of the network infrastructure. It serves as a dynamic and accurate virtual replica of the physical Fiber Optic network which can be leveraged for various purposes, such as: Network Planning and DesignSimulation and Analysis Asset Management.


Fiber Optic Cables

The precise route and layout of fiber optic cables and proximity to other infrastructure elements

Distribution Equipment

Locations and details of distribution boxes and other equipment along the fiber optic network are mapped

Utility Poles and Structures

The positions and attributes of utility poles, support structures, and any other elements that support or intersect with the fiber optic network 

Terrain and Topography

This data is crucial for route planning and ensuring the feasibility of laying fiber optic cables

Buildings and Infrastructure

The digital twin includes accurate representations of buildings and existing infrastructure in the vicinity of the fiber optic network

Roads and Pathways: 

The characteristics of roads, pathways, and other transportation infrastructure are mapped to assess challenges during network deployment and to optimize cable routing.

Vegetation and Obstacles

Mobile LiDAR can identify and map vegetation and other obstacles that may affect the fiber optic network, allowing planners to make informed decisions 

Digital Utility Network models

Digitizing Utility Network models

Our team of experts has substantial experience using as-built drawings or existing system maps to develop an extensive inventory network of utility assets such as water, sewer, electric, and stormwater infrastructure.

Mobile Mapping
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The project area of 1200 linear kms, to be completed within 4 months. A team of 30 Mobile Mapping experts working round the clock to ensure delivery of accurate, uniform and complete data. Project estimated more than 25,000 man hours.

3D Topographic Map on MLS data with our in-house developed application 3dy
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