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LiDAR Data Processing 

SISL has significant processing capabilities and experience with both airborne and terrestrial/mobile LiDAR. We use a time-tested, best practices approach for each unique project, which enables us to efficiently and effectively plan, implement, and maintain best-quality LiDAR data processing services.


Our LiDAR processing experts provide extensive services to our global clients across the spectrum from the field which include.

  1. Utility Classification and vectorization-Powerline, Railtrack's, road corridor, etc. 

  2. Digital Terrain and Elevation Models with Bare earth/ground and non-ground classification

  3. Topographic Mapping - Breakline and Contour Generation

  4. Mobile Mapping on MLS data for 3D feature extraction

  5. BIM(3D building modeling)

  6. HD Mapping for autonomous vehicles

With a large and experienced team, SISL can undertake any size of Lidar data processing projects with quality and time line assurance.
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